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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Slate, I do love it - Part One

Without much of any climbing under the belt, Nik, Ant, Claire and I headed for North Wales.  It was time to get my mojo back and for Nik as well.  We were also being a little posh, not staying in the van but Ant and Claire's climbing club hut, it was very comfy and warm, during the nights of howling winds and driving raining.

Ant and Claire arrived in their car, "Yay, I'm not driving for once"  Ant let one of the tyres down, "I think we have a punctures, can we take the van Scott?"  :-) After a not so epic drive we arrived at about 3am and got to sleep.

In the morning, a slow start and good breakie and we were away to the slate quarries, to Australia lower, to see young Will and stay out the wind a bit, well not much.  Anyway, during the day we (Nik and I) dispatched a few easy routes and just enjoyed the day and the slate and reminded ourselves that it is unforgiving.

Soon my attentions turned to a classic, Looning the Tube, and as the wind picked up and the sun went away, I stepped onto the tube and headed out.  (Nik wants to lead this route so Claire jumped on second)  I headed out to the first bolt, hands freezing and unable to feel my grip, then the chain and spike. I warmed my hands and then started up the crack and was soon at the top.

It was all over very quickly, possibly the fastest I have ever climbed a route, thanks to the cold and wind.  Claire started off and made short work of the route also.  Although over quick, Looning the Tube lived up to my expectations, fun with some different styles of climbing, really enjoyable and I look forward to happily seconding it when Nik leads it.

Next I failed miserably on a 6b and Ant sent an E2, it was time to go and time for dinner.

It was also time to ribbed Claire about her fire lighting skills. :)

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