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Friday, 28 October 2011

Cervo Rosso

Now and again, you buy something that really makes you take notice or it has a profound affect on what it is purchased for.  Lets take Born in Switzerland-Made in Italy, run by an Australian Cervo Rosso ( ).

I recently joined the Cervo Rosso International Test Team, not quite International Rescue ( ) but just as exciting.  I waited excitedly for he new kit to arrive pictured here (ignore the duvet, I'll blog about that later).

First thing you notice is the gear looks and feels pro, it even looks fast, the choices of National Pride jersey's is a great idea and of course mine has Australian green and gold.  The few times I have worn it it the compliments have been many.
Slipping into the gear for the first time makes you feel like a pro as well, the flats seems the body hugging cut and the wide cuffs on arms and legs make it comfy to wear for long periods of time.  Those that know me know I do long bumpy rides on and off road, so comfort is a priority in my gear.  CR deliver this in truck loads.

The shorts are designed to sit on a bike and maybe spend a short time at the cafe, but you are meant to be riding not eating cake and drinking tea or coffee, that can wait until the legs are wobbly.  I have sat in these shorts a few times now, mainly on my CX bike and if they are comfy on that little beast, loooong road rides and MTB endurance rides should not be an issue.

They are aimed at the serious road rider, but the quality of this kit will certainly stand up to the punishment I can throw at it, which is considerable.  Maybe another set is needed for MTB, hmm maybe two?  Keep some nice and clean for those cold but sunny winter road rides.

CR easily meets and surpasses some of the other top brands in the quality, look and feel.  Longevity will have to wait to be measured, but I suspect success here also.

Look out for The Red Deer.

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