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Thursday, 27 October 2011

The new CX ride from Kinesis Bikes UK

Well after some curious thinking and prompting from Phil Moore, I took the plunge.  With cycling for me if it has two wheels, no engine and a chain I am interested, if it has off-road tyres, I am more interested.

So it didn't really take too much prompting, before I got hold of a FiveT CX frame made by Kinesis and started to the build from my spares box, a couple of spares from friends and donor road bike.

The result is a 1x10 block, skinny tyred little beast pictured below:

Ready to race, even if the current forks are a little flexible, I just won't brake.  Yet to be tested in anger, but so far it has delivered what I expected.

Thanks to Jon for the shifters.
Phil for the fork loan and prompting.
The lads at Cycleworks Guildford for the fine tuning and new rear mech.


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