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Monday, 12 January 2015

K-Lite Bikepacker 1000

Hi guys as you know I do a lot of night riding and race some silly long races.  K-Lite has been awesome to support me over the last year and I can safely say I am super happy with both that and the light s I have got from them.  I introduced you to the Bikepacker Pro sometime ago, out of that testing and riding came the Bikepacker 1000.

A scaled down 100 gram, no stand-light piece of dynamo light awesomeness pictured below.

The light is the same size and power (1000lumen) as the light from the Bikepacker Pro, but comes without the charging switch, on/off and 600/1000 switch options.  It is designed to be light (which it is) functional and not clutter your bike up for when all you want to do is ride fast into and through the night.

Having no stand light means you do need to run a helmet mounted light, but when trail riding and racing most people do anyway.

I have run the light for a few months now and raced with it at the WEMBO 24Hrs Solo World Champs.  The light was amazing, me not so much, coming down with hyperthermia, such as life.  I continue to run this light for my training rides or rides that start/finish in the dark as it is simple, light and works treat.

Once again the quality of the light is what is staggering, 1000 lumen allows me to ride as fast as any battery light running around 1800, as the light is much clearer and not bright white.

Below is a short video of the light working very well going up hill in a forest at dusk.  K-Lite suggest the light reaches full power around 15kph, but it certainly works well below that.  You will see fluctuations in the light, that is due to the increase and decrease in the angle of the climb.

I can highly recommend this light for getting out on the trails at night and for longer rides where charging other devices is not required.  A no fuss brilliant light.