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Friday, 28 October 2011

A massive and cold task ahead.

Late last year, Will H and I had a brain wave to head to Denali, as things started to take shape it then fell apart for a few reasons. One being Nik and I bought a house, yay! :)

But that initial start to planning and fact gathering that Will and I did had sowed a seed that had been germinating in the back of my mind, until it has grown into a large vine twisting its way through my mind and taking over a small amount of my consciousness and knocking on the door of my daily thoughts.

So I asked Will and Daniel the question first, "How about Denali next year?"  They both thought about it and said "Yes".  We were on.

The team has now expanded to also include Tommy, (who has posted similar on his blog), Alex and Nick.  I also hope for a two recruits, one a Dr and one from a supporter of the trip Peglers, rounding the team out nicely.

So what is the objective? Well, lets get our heads around the size of the challenge first and how we plan to spend 28 days on the coldest mountain in the world.  After that the first objective is to stay safe and return with all digits and extremities intact.  Second, is climb the ordinary route (if you can call it that) the West Buttress, if the mountain is good to us, Daniel and I have spoken of one of two other challenges and I am sure the team is conjuring others as well.

But next stop, supporters, sponsors, gear :)  training and logistics.

Its along road, at least my 12 and 24hr racing gives me a load of suffer-fest training that will be invaluable.

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