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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Van Conversion 2

So time to get started. Rear seat acquired along with the two SAAB seats shown here, first would be fitting the rear seat, insulating the panels and fitting the ply.

Celotex used to insulate the walls, camping mat for the floor and the ceiling was fitted with silver backed floor insulation from B&Q. Panels and ceiling are now covered in flash taping to reduce drumming.

Rear Seats

SAAB Seats Below

So the ply lining fitting began and I only got a few picks of this and the insulation, but you will get the idea.  The flash taping is applied directly to the panels and then the Celotex filled the gaps between the panel and the ply lining.  We decided to cut the ply to fit to the depressions in the pillars and will carpet about 2 cm under the ply panels to get the joints as seemless.  As we are not running lots of cables for a split charger or anything like that we decided on keeping it all snug to the panels.

Team fitting first bit of ply, note no insulation or flash taping behind.  The flash taping came a bit later after driving the van for a while with the insulation, ply lining and ply carpeted.

This one simply shows the Celotex in place in the panel depressions, where I could I have doubled the Celotex up for extra insulation.  I recommend Kingspan or Celotex as they are the same product and very easy to work with.  You'll note that the floor is the stock colour here, we did use the same insulation for the floor as we did for the ceiling.  But this has been changed to camping mats as a litre of water was spilt in the back and worked its way in to the spaces between the bubbles and wouldn't come out.  It did improve the warmth though, the mats prove as effective and will cope better with spills.

Above is the floor fitted and the bed base/storage box taking shape.  You'll see the seat is fitted and folds flat.  The box with lid is built to this height and a made to measure bouldering mat was purchased for the mattress and bouldering.  I'll supply some more up to date pics that show how this fits together and works soon.  Here's another pre carpeting of the box.

The floors are now carpeted and the rear ply panels also

Finally, below is a picture of the 17' alloys that are now fitted. Woohoo!  These have actually improved the handling quite a bit and the ride quality as predicted.

These are van rated from Autec and came in a pretty damn good price with appropriate Kuhmo tyres and look pretty good fitted I think, see below.

More to come.

Van Conversion 1

This is a blog for those interested and crew off the vwT4forum.

Several months back now, the SAAB died and was replaced swiftly by a Red T4 Transporter, now called Big Red.

For the petrol/piston heads remembering it is only a van (that will be the last time you hear me say that), the van stats, well what I have.

T4 1998 SWB Panel van
1.9 TD
163000 miles on the clock
In very good condition
Ex Coke van from years ago and was purchased from a local dealer at a good price and with good after sale service.

The van instead of another car was a simple choice, we bike, climb and camp.  A van would make life so much easier.

The van as bought shown below.

Very clean inside and out.  Coke-Cola spec, with rear grill that is likely to go back on once sprayed black.

Nik thinks about what colour to paint the flowers on it.  I quickly explained it is not a Split or Bay. I think we are still safe for now.

So a blank canvass inside and out really and we could crack on with the things that needed to be done, remember, most of the build has been done, I have just been lazy.  The list is as follows:
  • insulate, ply line and carpet;
  • install rear seat and build storage box/bed base;
  • insulate and headline the ceiling;
  • get van rated 17' alloys;
  • replace front seats with SAAB leather seats and re-upholster;
  • fit fog lights;
  • upgrade alarm and immobiliser;
  • fit limo tinted sided windows;
  • upgrade and install new speakers;
  • replace head unit and install small amp;
  • possibly lower 40mm;
  • Respray in same red (I like it);
  • maybe colour code bumpers;
  • and update cab.
So lets get started......