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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A quick Ice Fest entry.

On Wednesday, with a slow start, Nik and I headed back into Fournel. Every route we looked at that was suitable for the time we had, was either falling down or being knocked down by avalanche from above or about to fall down.  Finally we found one we had looked at in the guide booked that look thin but solid.  This was after wading through lots of powder knee deep to get to the base.

I started up, after some faff, both feet popped at one point, but I stayed on, placed a screw, climbed on a bit and then felt it was not worth the way I felt.  Down climbed and headed out as we both went in the mood.  We had a relaxing afternoon with a lot of sleep, which I think I needed.  It was nice to be in a position to bail-out without having committed, I have been in that position a few times and whilst I pull through, it can be very stressful and best avoided where possible.

The next day I would climb with Jerry Gore, back in Fournel.  We climbed Nain des Ravines, sim-climbing the all but the first 2 pitches and the final pitch up Columna Cataluna.  The story of the day here was me feeling very grim and doing my best not to shart all the way up the route.  This I was successful in doing, but did not feel well enough to lead Columna Cataluna when it was offered by Jerry.  Although we both did fly up a very soft 5+.

It was fun climbing with Jerry and certainly entertaining and great to see that you only slow down with age if you let yourself.  It was a pleasure to climb with him.

The final day Friday, saw Nik, Ally, Dave T and myself head to Puy St Vincent for some skiing and me wishing I had my carvers as the Coombacks juddered their way through each on piste and most off piste turns as little powder was found.  Some fun tree skiing took the edge of things and by the end of the day I was warmed up again.

Pictures soon!

 View from the Chalet.

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