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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Team Cycleworks

Well this year will see Team Cycleworks take to the trails, circuits, tracks and roads in Surrey and across the UK (some of us are even going to spread the CW love in Canada later).  The guys at Cycleworks had been working on bringing a team of MTBers and roadies together for this year and we will see what damage we can do.

It was nice to end up with the team again as they had been supportive last year and the scene is set for even more support this year.  The focus and support that a true team brings is fantastic as well.  You want to do well for the team as much as yourself and it drives you further, faster and harder, well at least me.

The team that has come together is quite strong across a few disciplines and working as one will improve in others.  It will also be nice not to be the lone flag bearer at the 12 and 24hr events, with some of the guys already signed up for the 12's and possibility of a team making an appearance as well.  (I'll have to work on the gang on that one).

I hope we can all do very well and we already have to live up to the exploits of Emily coming 2nd in the Brass Monkeys Series in her category (Congrats!), so boys we better lift our game.

Both Specialized and Chris (CW owner) have stepped up to the mark in a big way to support us and I for one appreciate this and will do my best to make sure Cycleworks ( is a known name.

Fingers crossed I may get a little extra support personally, but more about that if it occurs.


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