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Saturday, 7 January 2012


Well 2011 was actually a good year in the end, with quite a number of goals achieved, despite some serious injuries from a broken ankle to a separated collar bone and a still annoying pulled tendon that comes and goes.

Saw a number of intended routes from trad to alpine get done. The Forbes Arete being one. Trad, bumped a grade with a couple of E3's, ice I managed Wi6 and felt very comfortable on it. Lets be fair, this can change in an axe swing.  In Scottish mixed I managed VII/7 Central Grooves with Rob Gibson and didn't cry. ;-)

I moved away from bolt clipping and bouldering as it doesn't capture my imagination enough, not to say I don't like, I just like the others better.

All in all a good climbing year.

What a great year, despite the injuries forcing time off, rehab and a training and race reshape twice in the year, things went well, OK very well, look at the results below:

Gorrick Brass Monkey's Rnd2 (4hr winter enduro): 11th Open Men (Single Speed)
Gorrick Brass Monkey's Rnd3 (4hr winter enduro): DNF (body a bit broken)
Gorrick 100 (100k 7Lap solo race):  13th Open (1st Single Speed)
24hrs of Exposure UK/European 24hr Solo Champs: 2nd Single Speed, 13th Open Men
Twentyfour12: DNS Broken Ankle
Single Speed World Champs: Approximate Top 20 (no official scoring after 3rd place)
UK Single Speed Champs, Approximate 14th (no official scoring after 3rd place)
Brass Monkeys Rnd1 4hr, November, DNF after snapping crank bolt on second lap.
Brass Monkeys Rnd2 4hr, December, feeling grim 27th (on single speed).

Also pitched in with my bit to help the Cycleworks boys top the table at the Eelmore crits, well done boys, lets smash them again.

Quiet importantly Nik and I didn't burn down the new house and it has been bubbling along nicely and is very much a home, even if part garage at present, that will change...............maybe! :)

I am fired up for 2012 and watch for the post of what is coming up, it should be a busy year.


Flying to 2nd SS at Uk and Euro Champs.
(Photo: Joolze Dymond)

1 comment:

Snokat said...

Fabulous year. True strength to stay so determined on so many different goals, and achieve so much.

Obviously, managed the bumps in the body well to recover and achieve such success.

Good luck for 2012!