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Saturday, 7 January 2012

2012 The year ahead.

Keeping things brief.

Loads more work on the house, and still not burn it down. :-)

Well having just joined Cycleworks for a second year of MTB endurance racing and some shorter stuff on and off-road a long list of already entered or soon to be entered events is below:

24hrs Exposure 24hr UK and European Champs (by SIP Events), Single Speed Cat, 7/8th April
Gorrick 100, 7 Laps Open Men, 6th May
Twentyfour12, 24hr Solo Open Men, 7/8th July
Gorrick 12:12, 12hr Solo Open Men, August
Brighton Big Dog 8hr, Solo Open Men
UK Single Speed Champs, Sept (Unless falls to close to W24C 2012)

World 24hr Solo Champs, Canmore, September 14th/15th, Single Speed Category.  This will be huge and the training more serious.

This year, I don't want to just do well, I'm hungry and know I can get higher on that step.........the bloody top.

Also, another great series at Eelmore and maybe Goodwood, lets crush boys!

The two major stand outs here are.  Off on an expedition to Mount McKinley (Denali) at the end of May with a pretty strong team.  This will be a huge experience and a bit life changing I imagine.  It will be tough and test us all.

Secondly, I am off on an ice climbing trip soon to Vallouise, France and I want to consolidate Wi6 and maybe just maybe get on a super route or two with Mr Bergo (this is probably the first he knows about this). :)

Other climbing goals will be do more with Nik and consolidate E3 and maybe nab an E4, we will see.

It will be a busy year, so stay tuned.



Snokat said...

Sounds like Denali will be your major focus. What an big line up! From the looks of 2011 you are well prepared to manage it.

Very best for the preparation for Denali...which I hear from those wiser, older types than me is a BIGGER challenge than most.

Respect it, and Enjoy the journey. Have a wonderful year!

Mr Bergo said...

Can't wait Scott!