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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Merida Brass Monkeys Rnd 2

With some bad preparation (late nights and a long day in the cold the day before), I was ready on the start line, with two other CW riders Nick K and Brian B, it was cold but not as bad as the 2nd round last year.

I was back to SS and the start horn went and off we went. The usual suspects shot away at the front with the gears, pah! Nick went past on a little descent and I sat into a rhythm and my first 2 laps went well, better than expected.

Entering the 3rd lap the cramps started and I would fight them until the end of my 5 laps, finally shaking them with 1/4 of the last lap to go and some how finish 27th in the 4hr.  More a triumph to my stubbornness, rather than physical capability on the day.

The fact that things started to come good towards the end, gave me more confidence for fixing myself on the fly for the big races for next year.  Banana's, gels and 2-1 fixes cramps, fact, but no real science from me to support it. :)

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