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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Summers Here

Unfortunately so are some of the old climbing injuries, the bright side is that I need to focus on cycling anyway so the injuries have not slowed me down too much.

Cycling has more than filled the gap by the enforce rest from climbing and I have been racking up time in the saddle on both the road bike and single speed in preparation for the Dave Lloyd Mega Challange (see the link).

What has been fantastic about this is the re-ignited love of cycling and the perfect commute to work that I have from Guildford to Leatherhead for the single speed. Not only do I avoid the traffic and get a great 30km's done, but I often see deer, green woodpeckers, loads of finches, some big fat cows that look curiously as I pass, the occassional owl and the other day a very large red kite flying craefully through the open pine forest. Finally the views from the top of the north downs continuely put a smile on my face. The retrun leg adds a hill loop and then follows the rest of the route in reverse.

My road rides are either a group ride with my mate Phil, who organises a fairly regular ride with the TriTalk crew or my solo get the hell on with the suffering. As on the 21st of June a great amount of suffering will be experienced.

The people I have been riding with a great company and the banter lighthearted, the routes vary greatly with the group rides, which is a nice change as my solo rides I generally try to kill my self.

The next few weeks will see the rides increase in length and intensity with the next two weekends planned to incorporate some long rides on both days.

But the bug is back and those who know me, now it isn't that long before the call of competition on two wheels becomes too much and I cave and begin to race again. I actually already have.


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