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Friday, 19 June 2009

The wait for the DLMC is nearly over.....

Legs primed, carbs loaded, bike wearing new shoes, retarded stripy socks ready, power bars, gels and drinks, check, check, check........

Is there anything I have forgotten? Nik, van – check, check.

..........right where was I? Yes, that’s right, the wait is nearly over. I am currently sat on a train returning from Paris for a two day business trip tying this and the previous post furiously. As I need to sort my DLMC food into hourly allotments and fit 2 exhausted rubbers to the van, hug Nik and get some sleep, time needs to be used wisely.

Tarte Rhubarbe is also on route to Nik, massive brownie points there.
Distracted again, sorry! So the days have got longer, the training tapered and the carbs have been all but loaded. The training talk has ebbed to an eerie silence and contemplative thought, interrupted with “have we got this?” “no” “shit can you get.....”. This means one thing, the wait for the DLMC is nearly over, a casual drive to Ruthin in Wales, a light pedal in the afternoon, pasta and relaxation a final tweak of the blue beast and bed.

Not much more to say here other than, I am no longer nervous. My mind is set to you can or you can’t, if you can’t dig a little deeper and you can. So it is fair to say I am finally excited about the ride, I am looking forward to riding with Kit, Roly and the crew and enjoying a beer and the war stories and the inevitable agreement to do it again next year along with the Cent Col Challenge.

So for now, I plan to keep it up right and enjoy/endure 250km’s, 5000m’s of climbing and one day, the longest day of the year in the UK. It will be one hell of a day!

Ride Hard!

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