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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Climbing Hurts

Before heading home to Oz for two weeks to introduce Nik to family and freinds (happy to say she survived) I had suffered the climbers dread pulley injury 1 and 2 pulley of the left hand useless finger (surprisingly) useful to a climber. I had battled on with it up until about two weeks before heading home, then decided to rest it.

After a fantastic trip home and 4 weeks of full rest from climbing it was time to test it again. First night back and 5th route in, fully warmed up, pop goes the pulley. Not badly but enough to make others who know the sounds cringe.

So finger is not so well, summer is on us and shaping up quite well and one want's to stay quite strong. There is only one solution...................chalk climbing. Surely the finger can't hurt stuck in a glove, strapped to another finger and pulling on an ice tool.

So off to Slatdeane with Nik, Darren and Cat it is then. Oh and Patsy!

Anyway, the weather at Saltdeane is perfect as usual, if a little warm. So no holding back Darren and I get geared up and start having a boulder and traverse. After an hour or so of this the tide had retreated and we headed to the sector we want to climb on. I convinced Darren it was time to do a route and Fornication C4 was choosen and promptly dispatched by us both.

Previous routes I had climbed no longer existed due to the cliff collapsing, so new routes are available. So some new traversing rounded off the day.

Drinks and food at the Badgers Rest and home for tea and medals.

The good news being the finger was fine and that C4 has been confirmed and the C5's and C6's I like the look of could well be completed by the end of the year.

And chalk is official cool but don't tell everyone.

More from the beach soon.

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