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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Sunny Gorrick

On Sunday I headed to the Gorrick Spring Series Rnd 4.  It was a sunny but cool morning and as I was on my new steed it was worth doing a practice lap.  By the time I finished it had warmed up a bit and I was well impressed with the course.

Soon Brian and Clive arrived and I had a bit of a chat pre-race to them, then got lined up. Off we went and the pace was pretty quick and my legs still felt a bit heavy from a ride the day before.  Anyway, I rode on, passed a few, got passed by a few.  I made all the climbs on the single each lap bar the really loose and soft one on the last lap, run about 10m's as my now stretched chain wanted to hop off the chain ring, which under torsion is never good.

As this race was quite quick and the course technical course technical I really had no idea where I was when I crossed the line until moments later, they announced I had finished 10th.  Not a bad showing really even in a small field and certainly a nice back test and warm up for Easter weekend and the 24Hrs of Exposure the first of the big ones.

Congrats to Em and the guys for good finishes all round and to Chris and Brian, awesome stuff for toughing out the mechanical and giving it a stiff go with skiers legs.

Good-luck to you all on the 22nd at the last Rnd.

Everyone meet Toad, his fast and very green.

Happy riding.

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