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Friday, 27 April 2012

Keeping the training up, well at lest trying.

With the UK weather turning to pretty much soaking wet every day for the last 2-3 weeks and first a head cold and now a chest cold. It has been hard to keep motivated.

Enter, the crossing training. In particular climbing.  Yesterday lunch time I did a bunch of core strength work, with a plan to get out on the bike in the evening.  However, with the coughing increasing and Dr Nik instructing me to not ride due to the weather and go climbing instead, I followed my orders.

I headed to the wall, met Rich and Russ and bsaically smashed myself to bits.  The lunch time session had destroyed my arms and core already, the wall session finished me off.  Climbing hard routes to the point I could not hold on anymore, let alone pull on the holds.

Suffice to say I slept well last night and seem to have broken the lack of motivation curse.  Although wrenching the bars on a climb on the single with the way my arms feel is probably out.  So a wet lunch time road ride followed by a wet evening CX ride should see me right.

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