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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Interlude from proceedings

I know I haven't finished the Kandersteg 2, maybe 3 part blog. But I will.  I also learnt recently, that for my age I still bounce rather well.

A couple of weeks back after getting over bear flu, I headed out to the Cycleworks demo day, they had a Air 9 Carbon there I just had to ride.  The bike was amazing, one of the best bikes I ave every ridden, possibly the best MTBike.  Set up in rigid and single speed it was the perfect machine for darting around the trails of the Surrey Hills and I suspect further afield. Duly added to wish list.

The only downside was I managed to get my first crash for  2011 out the way and in the process partially separated my left clavicle from shoulder.  This hurt alot for a week or so even with copiuos amounts of painkillers, you know the amounts that have unpleasant bodily affects.

It soon started to settle down and my appointment with my new best friend (a recommended Osteopath) arrived and after the first session it felt better, was strapped well and I knew the exact extent of the injury. Partially (tiny tear) torn ligaments, bruised tendons and muscle.  Right I can work with this information.

However, no MTBike riding or climbing for two weeks will be painful, can I take a pill for that?  The good news is I can ride the roadie and the weather has just become mint for road riding................and rock climbing.

Oh well, at least it wasn't broken.

(clearly, not my collarbone)

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