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Thursday, 10 March 2011

3 Rnd Gorrick Brass Monkeys

Wow, its been a while and I have been pretty busy.  Between Nik and I settling into the new house, work, MGA, biking and climbing, life has been moving on.

Well after 3 days of feeling rubbish and one day of feeling ok, after a stomach bug I lined up for the final Brass Monkey round, the only SS in the big boys race from what I saw.

Anyway, long story short.  On a really great course on a chilly but dry day, I got spanked.  The food I was putting in was only serving to replace what had been lost in the week and on lap 3 or 4, I bonked and had to pull the pin.  I rolled over the line to finish whichever lap, ambivalent to the fact that I was even in a race.

So a disappointing end to the series, but after a great second round finish.  I think I can build and start causing others pain.  Some short Gorricks first, before it gets serious at:

See you on the trails, yes I do have bog wheels.

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