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Friday, 1 April 2011


not something I talk about, I do it, but not about it.  I won't start now.  But a brief note on what is important to me and I think maybe others (some types of cyclists) should consider. ENJOYMENT!!!!!

This morning was a classic, meeting another cyclist (a triathlete in this case), giving them a hearty "Hello" and my normal stupid grin. I tried again when we stopped at the traffic lights, looking straight at him and repeating my greeting and grin.  He looked at me, looked at me a bit more and simply snarled.  Am I really that offensive or was he not a morning person?  As the lights changed, I smiled, shrugged my shoulders and rode off.

I am a great believer, you will only get good or better at something if you enjoy it, so to the grumpy man this morning and the chap the other night.  Try to smile, be friendly, when you are in the hurt locker, this can really help and sometimes releases you from the pain.

Its also just plain rude to behave like that and can't make you any happier.  I love cycling and even when being torn apart by fellow riders in my crew, I'll still find time to joke, smile and reply when spoken too.  It is part of the enjoyment and community.

But overall things, ENJOY IT!!!

Yours The Smiling Loon of Surrey.  :-D

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