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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Whats going on end of November and start of December?

In essence more stupidity, is the correct answer.

Firstly this weekend 29th November, sees the first of a 3 round Winter Endurance MTB series from those great folks at Gorrick, they keep coming up with goods and I keep turning up.

So with some training under the belt this time and only 4hrs to survive, I should be more interested than what I presently am, but I am sure that will change and I will start to get excited and prepared mentally.  The body is still under done and the loss of a full race the other week has left me with less race pace than expected.

It will also be a good test for PhxMet products and see if they can keep me going at full tilt for 4hrs.  guess I should also check there are still places available.

Then in some blatant stupidity I agreed to join a very skilled climbing friend Rob in a Dry Tolling Comp in Scotland on the 5th December. (See here: ).  I think my position in the comp will be court jester but lets see what happens. This will be my first climbing comp and I am actually really looking forward to this.  I have even been training (on the chalk), so this is a good motivation sign for the winter antics.

If I am lucky I should do better than expected and I am sure I will have loads of fun.  The bonus is that the Scottish weather is looking cold and snowy so we might be able to steal a winter route or two while we are there. Fingers crossed.

Will report again after the race this weekend.

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