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Thursday, 28 March 2013

New Cervo Rosso gear to play with.......woohoo!

Recently, I renewed my Cervo Rosso Test Team membership, why?  Because their gear is just plain awesome.  Below is a short review on the Strada Lizard L2 gloves and I will write another on the Strada shoe covers, also recently tested with great success.

Strada Lizard L2 Gloves:

These can be part of a modular system when coupled with the Strada Lizard L1, which fit together brilliantly and without the feel of wearing two gloves, top marks for that marriage as most don't achieve that.

These (L2) look awesome, the right amount of bling (silver reflective palm, that wont soak the cold out of your bar tape and into the glove) and like they are made to do what you want them to, keep those fingers toasty. They do.

The quality I what I have come to expect from Cervo Rosso and they fit perfectly, which is an issue with many cycling gloves, especially winter ones.  So how are they on the bike, well one cold, but sunny spring day, I gave them (L2) a good test.  In about 0 degrees on the dry roads of Surrey, these gloves keep my hands perfectly warm, breathed very well and felt positive on the bars and the gear and brake levers.  You really can feel what you are doing in these. The extended cuff is something I am use to as a winter climber and it is great to see in a cycling glove, it really does enhance glove warmth.  The temptation to trial them off road is great, but this well just trash them as they will get covered in mud and pushed through blackberries, although I am sure the build quality they will take.  But they look far too nice for that treatment.  :)

How nice you ask?  They initially looked a bit too bling maybe, but Carlyle and the team, know what they are doing and do it for a reason and with a bit of flare.  The stitching, logos, no slip palm, touch screen fingers tips are all designed not to just make a fully functional glove that looks pretty damn pro and pimp.  See below.

What do I like best?  I genuinely don't think I can pin point one thing, the entire glove is great.  even the way the non-slip palm meets, feel a little odd, but once the gloves are on the bars, work and you don't notice it at all.  I guess if pushed, I like best is the fact they breath well and keep your hands warm, not such a simple task for a cycling glove.

What could be improved?  Well I am not sure it is something I care too much about, but some people really do.  The touch-screen finger tips don't really work, but do I care?  No, if I am honest.  However, this might not work as they are still shiny new.   Anyway, I'll quickly take a glove off to send a text or to order an advance coffee.   I have many gloves that do and don't work with a touch-screen.  Some that are meant to and some that aren't.  The one thing they have in common they where bought to do a task that did not include checking Facebook, whilst climbing or riding my bike.  ;)  If you truly want any of your gloves to be touch-screen compatible, just stitch a little bit of silver or gold thread into the fingers tip, this does work.

So overall, I would highly recommend these gloves and will throw them at a mate who gets really cold hands sometime to see how he gets on.  I am truly impressed with these and they felt a perfect fit from the first ride, no needing to soften up like many other summer and winter gloves.  Fit wise I compare them to my MTB Troy Lee and Fox Dirty Paws, gloves which I wear for up to 24hrs racing.  So that is a massive tick in the box for a thicker winter glove.

Get these for spring or next winter.

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