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Monday, 11 March 2013

Hutchinson Toro 29 Tubeless

What can I say about Hutchinson tyres, they have always been my got to MTB tyre.  I have strayed a few times, but come back every time.  I have found some which perform as well, but don't last as long or have annoying idiosyncrasies, which on the trail end up pissing you off, if I am blunt.

After the first ride in some ordinary (see wet) conditions I decided I needed a second set for my other 29er.

The 29inch Toro tubeless do exactly what Hutchinson say on the tin (website), they shed mud well, hold-on in wet conditions very well even in fast corners and roll fast when it is not so muddy.  Even is drier conditions the Toro's don't seem to loose much in the way of traction and handling at speed.  I haven't had the chance to test them in really dry conditions, but I suspect they will give something away to my Pythons.

I was even surprised at how easily they fitted to some rims I had problems with with other tubeless tyres.  Tubeless tyres for me are the only solution for the type of riding I do and some of the areas I ride in. Plenty of flint and thorns to puncture your tyres.  So how do they perform, well evidently, very well. I have managed so far to put a few thorns through the tyres and only noticed when washing them and the sealant (Stans) sealed the holes rapid when removed.  One ride even saw a wide gauge bit of wire put a big hole in one and it sealed quickly in -3 degrees.  Very impressed.

I can't fault the Toro's and my riding style does alter from calm smooth and collected to hanging on and being quite aggressive on some descents and the Toro's transition really well and remain predictable and seem to grab that last bit grip just when you are about to lay it down.

Between Toros and Pythons, I seem to have the year and conditions covered.  I can highly recommend both.

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