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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

SSWC only 10 days away

With the Single Speed World Champs only 10 days away and only having 3 weeks to test my ankle, change myself as a rider and build speed. It has been stacked up against me going into this race, but I am very keen to get stuck in now and just see how quick some of these guys really are.

I said change myself as a rider, by that I meant build speed, not just be able to ride for 24hrs, I can do that.  But how fast am I over a short distance or say 40km's?  Well last night over 30km's of some of the hardest hills on the North Downs an average of 20kph suggests that the fast work over the last 7 days is paying off.

Only time will tell, but having people like Singular's Steve Webb and Dan Treby lining up, you know the pointy end will be fast and unforgiving and this has got me psyched.  Who knows what the rest of the world is bringing to the party, but the UK is certainly got two of it's best SS beasts heading to Ireland in 10 days.

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