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Monday, 8 November 2010

Night Riding

What is it about mountain bikers and night riding? I was pondering this fact on the way home in the dark and wet the other night. As I slipped and slid around the trails, the back end drifting in corners the front wheel slipping of hidden roots. I smiled all the way home, even when the boggy trail sucked at the rear wheel and the climbs were made more difficult and technical by the greasy surface, which in turn made my thighs burn.  I could help but think about how much I enjoy this particular type of riding.

Whenever I get out for a night ride, by myself, with Nik or the crew it always seems to be more fun than riding in the day.  At night or early morning, the trails are alive with dear, pheasants, the occasional badger and owls hooting, how can you not enjoy this is more the question.

The fast rides with the crew ultimately have you riding out of the comfort zone.  Pushing as fast as you do in the day, trying to hold the rider’s wheel in front of you as you twist turn, dart, drop, jump and try to stay upright.  These rides will be a few hours long, but seem to only last for ½ hr or so, a sign we are having too much fun.

Add the fact that the winter curtain is drawing in, longer nights are upon us, and the autumnal blanket is leaving the greasy roots and boggy puddles hidden it has become even more alluring, challenging and fun. Even when you are shivering at the end of the most brutal ride in the wet, cold and dark you seem happy in yourself of what you have done.

Night time is a good time to ride!

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