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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Winter Round Up - Scotland in a Weekend (The mini rescue)

As Rob and I walked off we took in the surrounds and a few pictures as well.


As we swung around and turned down toward the coire floor, something was missing.............Nik, Daniel and Giles.  We expected to see them on their way down and if not at the bottom already.  Scanning the buttress we noticed them high and on a ledge like some welsh sheep...........they looked stuck.

I headed back up to see how they were doing, by the time I go there they had kind of made the decision for Dan to down climb and come up the gully behind the sentinel they had arrived at. I would drop a rope from the top of the sentinel for Nik and Giles to secure them from above as they would be unprotected.  Rob soon arrived and we rig a rope for me to cross to the top, within about 10 minutes I was throwing the rope over the top.

Daniel cruising the the gully as I prepare to drop rope in the background.
(Photo: Rob G)

As Daniel rigged his belay, Nik and Giles tied into the rope I had dropped to them and soon they started the down climb to the gully from the ledge.  First Nik and then Giles, a shout from each and they were back on Daniels belay and heading up the gully to the top.

Not a bad spot for a belay.
(Photo: Rob G)

Below left, Nik tops out and right Dan, Nik and Giles.
(Photo's: Rob G)

We headed down in fading light, ate well and learnt just how they ended up where they did and made plans for the next day.  Rob and I would head back to Central Grooves.

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