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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Winter Round Up - Scotland in a Weekend (Day 1)

Nik, Rob, Daniel and I loaded the van and headed to Glen Coe, West Highlands, Scotland.  Giles was already on route.  We drove through the night and arrived early and Rob suggested getting on it straight away, which if I hadn't worked a longer than expected day, I might have been tempted.

After a few hours sleep the others and myself felt a lot better and we all headed into Stob coire an Lochan. Giles had meet us at the car park so we sorted gear and headed off up the long walk into the coire floor.

 The crew gearing up under the Buttress'
(L-R: Giles, Daniel, Rob and Nik)

Rob and I had planned to climb together and knowing Rob's ability I was prepared to give almost anything a go.  The plan was Central Grooves (VII/7), somewhat of a step up for me, but I was keen if a "little" nervous.  The teams chose their routes and off we went to the bases of our chosen climbs.

 A sunny day in Scotland.

Giles and Daniel had disappeared out of sight and Nik soon headed up the wrong gully as Rob and I prepared for our climb.  Nik reappeared and headed one gully down and disappeared again, we assumed she had found Giles and Daniel. It would be later revealed she had, it is just where and how they had got to that was interesting.

I opted to give the first pitch a go and sometime of twisting this way and reaching that way, with loads of encouragement from Rob, I had to back down off the route.  With time running out, we opted for what we hoped was Twisting Grooves (IV/5), but our eagerness to climb something, saw a marginal error in navigation and we were rewarded with Twisting Gully Right-hand (IV/5 ***) and this proved to be great little route easily climbed and giving Rob his first taste of Scottish winter climbing.  Which he seemed to enjoy.  Fortunately another team broke through the cornice at the top for us, which made life some what easier. (Right, Rob makes short work of the crux on P1).

Left, Rob on P2.  Below right, I top out.

Rob and I sorted the gear and headed down towards the coire floor.

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