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Monday, 1 March 2010

Van Conversion 3

The next steps in the conversion of the van have been getting the side windows fitted by the guys at  Autoscreen Network, they also fitted the lockable swivel bases (C-M-C) for the front seats, which are in and have been well and truly tested.



Some of the metal work has been carpeted and more will be done in a couple of weeks and a few mechanical changes are to be made very soon, that should improve fuel economy a tiny bit.  I also made up a centre console for the front and it has been finely carpeted by Nik.

Most recently, I have fitted a new head unit, to add to the up rated front speakers and some previously added 6x9's located in the tailgate.

I have also covered the headlining with VW grey headlining and it has come out really well and that coupled with the roof insulation does make a great deal of difference when it rains.

Many little jobs and big jobs to do:
EGR blanking
Paint dash black
Replace door pockets and carpet
Half carpet door cards and paint other half black
Source B pillar kit, paint it black and fit.

When funding permits:
Re-upholster those seats
Lower 40mm
Maybe some side bars in black

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