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Monday, 1 March 2010

Christmas in Chamonix

Ok, maybe a little dated.  But I have been busy with all sorts of things.

Anyway, my sister Kathleen has moved to Chamonix and whilst Andy her other half was there over Christmas, Nik and I went over there to visit them and spend Christmas with them and spend a few days skiing.

Because time was short we kept it simple but visited a few different spots to ski, Les Houches a couple of times, Le Brevent and Courmayeur.  The later being my favorite as there was more powder and I wanted to test my new fat powder skis as well.

 Nik, at Le Brevent

L-R: Nik, Andy and Kath, background Mont Blanc

Christmas day was an relaxed affair, with some skiing in the morning, a slight delay to lunch, so some skiing in the afternoon and then a late lunch early dinner that was just great.  It was a very nice way tp spend Christmas day.

 Christmas lunch coming together

Make that Christmas dinner, it was great.

W did some more skiing over the next couple of days before Nik and I had to head home.  It was great to see Kath and Andy, and see how excited they both are about their new life.

Kath, Andy and Kath's little chalet.

Welcome to the Northern Hemisphere.

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