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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Climbing Factory - Hog Mats

A little while back I went in search of a bouldering mat come mattress for the van.  After looking around at multiple mats and different sizes, it was decide that a Hog Mat made to measure was the way to go.

The Climbing Factory in Matlock was chosen and a mat measuring 210cm x 105cm x 10cm, folding in the centre was ordered in the same configuration as the one shown here:

So the mat was ordered and then dispatch once it was complete, I'll come back to the mat.  Dealing with the guys at The Climbing Factory after the initial communications mix up was excellent and relaxed and soon after being dispatched the mat arrived.

As you can imagine the mat is huge and can protect a small bouldering traverse without moving it, bonus.  So with such a big mat is it heavy? For its size no, the mat is a 3 ply foam sandwich.  A closed cell foam outer either side of the middle layer of foam referred to on the website as shape retaining.  This proves to be 100% accurate from having my fat arse fall onto it the foam just bounces back, but the landings are always happy.  Even a slam a friend took that I only heard but did not see, she just bounced back and was very happy with the performance of the mat.

The cover is 1000 denier Cordura fabric and claimed to be both waterproof and very durable, looking, handling and using the mat so far I have no reason to doubt this.  I think this mat will take a good battering and keep coming back for more.  The muck just seems to brush straight off as well.  Which is great considering the other you of the mat.

Getting the mat around is easy, it comes with a configurable rucksac/shoulder strap, the best of both worlds.  Folds easily in half and has 3 simple clasps to secure it.

A big bonus in being custom made the dimensions were chosen to fit the van as a mattress as well as be a suitable boulder mat, it has worked perfectly. It goes from boulder to van mattress in a few seconds and is also very comfy to sleep on.

Boulder Crid, it gets loads, mostly likely initially due to its size.  But a few other have tried it now and have been super impressed and hopefully have been in touch with Ian at The Climbing Factory.

So far I can highly recommend if you want a bouldering mat check out the Hog Mats and if you really want or need it custom made, don't look anywhere else other than The Climbing Factory.

I will get some photo's and further dribblings about the mats performance up soon.

Happy half climbing.  ;-)

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