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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Spring Polaris Challenge and Helicobacter

The Spring Polaris Challenge didn’t happen for me in the end, I had been ill with a recurrence of a stomach infection known as Helicobacter, more below.

I had got excited about the Polaris all week and was confident of doing well and having a good time in what turned out to be very trying condition for the competitors in the end. Winter had a wild last gasp in Wales that weekend.

To cut it short I had serviced the race machine, packed lightly and was ready to go, but still didn’t feel 100%, nowhere near it actually. Nik was due soon and I was already in two minds about going.

When Nik arrived we bundle everything into the car and headed off, I was still feeling rough. It would take about 1.5 hours of thought for me to final admit defeat before evening heading out of the start area, hell, before evening arriving in the region of the race.

I begrudgingly made the right decision (it would turn out), Nik turned the car around and we headed home. The next few days I felt like rubbish and can only imagine what 30 hours of racing would have done to me.

It would appear whilst I am feeling better and less fatigued of late, I may not have completely shaken the bug, which is something I am determined to do.

The reason why I am sharing this on here as this has destroyed any chance of improving in my chosen areas of sport and puts a strain on my working career at times, due to the fatigue I have experienced. This has continued on and off since a trip to the Alps climbing in July 07. Fortunately some understanding friends and a great girlfriend have given me a little kick when needed and kept me laughing about some of the symptoms. Being a stomach bug I am sure you can imagine what some of these have been.

If you have your stomach ever feels bloated and sore for longer than a usual stomach bug may cause, you find yourself getting far too familiar with your toilet, along with this you start to feel increasingly fatigued and it doesn’t let up. Maybe having a read of the link offered below and a visit to your Dr might help you.

Helicobacter pylori is a spiral shaped bacterium that lives in the stomach and duodenum (section of intestine just below stomach). It has a unique way of adapting in the harsh environment of the stomach.

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