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Monday, 18 February 2008

Cycling made simple

Recently I have been boring my friends with the news of the arrival of my new bike. I am of course refering to my new single speed mountain bike. Shown below.

The boys have a rule "it didn't happen if there are no pics" or something like that, so I will (have) inserted some pics of the new stead, just for them.

The plan behind the single speed is to improve speed, stamina, efficiency and smoothness. This plan comes bundled as a Voodoo Wanga, XT Discs, Orange ridged forks, steered by Easton, carbon bars, Thompson seat post supporting an Alias 143, Mavic wheelset, all this driven by a Middleburn crankset front 32 chainring and rear 18 sprocket.

So, how does it ride? Very well, very responsive an absolute pleasure, "simplisity is a beautiful thing" triple butted steel and carbon work brilliantly together on twitchy single track at speed. They also provide a light comfortable ride. My knees seem to be stressing a bit with the constant spinning, but they are getting use to it and it has been riden 3 times in the last 4 days.

Single speed off road, it is after all the way forward for winter and trainer for those endurance mountain bike events. It also seems that more people are now willing to ride with me, with what they see as my disadvantage. Hehe :-)

One last pic.

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