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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Rovaniemi 150 - Arctic Circle Race

A bit later this month, I head off to Finnish Lapland to Rovaniemi for the Rovaniemi 150 winter race, I am competing on bike of course on my trusty Specialized Fatboy Expert.  The race is close to the Arctic Circle has the potential to be brutally cold (despite current temps), the dangers and challenges of frostbite and ice overflow (frigid water overflowing onto the stable ice below it on the rivers and lakes we will cross) not very pleasant.

However, that is the doom and gloom, the race course passes through some remarkable Lapland country and if the sky plays ball, as the race enters the night, the northern lights may come out to put on a show.  Racing under them will be pretty special.

I use the term race loosely, for me this will be first and foremost a challenge against myself and the elements.  There is little navigation concerns as it is a marked course and does have check points to pass through, so one painful component of winter travel/racing is reduce.

The race is organized by Alex from Polarguide and Logistics who is already out working hard and battling the element to mark and bash the course.  Unlike a recent trip to Scotland, the course should be mainly bashed for the event, but heavy unrelenting snow could alter this in a few hours.  Fingers crossed we don't experience that like the did in the first year of the event.

A few thanks in advance go to: for supplying and helping fettle the Fatboy Expert and ongoing support.
Alpkit for providing lots of great kit to keep me warm and bike luggage to to carry the essentials.
Wolf Tooth Components for great chain rings and sprockets that are reliable, no faff and should help me make light work of the snow and ice.
Weldtite for keeping everything clean and running smoothly
Endura for some great products to help keep me warm, dry and comfy.

and of course to Nik for supporting the current bout of stupidity.  :)

Cheers and wish me luck.


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