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Thursday, 10 April 2014

A quick trip to The Peak

The other weekend I headed up to Claire and Ant, for a spot of grit action.  It had been a very long time since I had been on the grit and long time since I had climbed any rock in anger.  So I had not expectations.

On the Saturday at High Neb in pretty good conditions I soloed a few routes whilst Claire and Ant, climbed together. After a little Mike joined us and in pairs we started climbing a bit harder.  Whilst I managed Jeepers Creepers and another HVS to the right of The Logic book. Ant made short work of Quietus and then after some yoyoing he also got King Kong clean.

Not a bad day at all considering.  Routine service at The Travelers Rest for a feed and few beers in the evening catching up with friends and then it was time to zip up the sleeping bag.

Sunday we head to Curbar to the Apollo and Moon buttress sectors, with a few things in mind, but the weather was a bit warmer so route plans changed. Once again Claire and Ant jumped on a few routes, Claire starting with a certainly harder than Severe, but climbed it is good style. I went off and soloed a few little routes including a great route called Twin Crack done in the HVS style.

However, soon I was feeling a little wobbly, so I eased off ate and drunk and then, spotted/belayed Ant on Black Nix Wall, a nails slabby E1.  This is about the point things went a bit crap, on one attempt Any popped of low before the gear and I did my best to pull him away from a small boulder.  However he clipped this with his left ankle and gave it a good knock.  Although he did have a couple more attempts before sacking it off.

Next I bit off more than I could chew on a E2 called Soyuz, running out of steam due to bugger all climbing lately I soon popped off and took a decent lob.  Another attempt saw the same scenario and that was me done with routes for the day.

During my failed attempts Brian had turned up and I offered the rope to him and he made short work of the route and Ant on a sore ankle followed easily too.

For the rest of the day I joined Brian bouldering and even managed a couple of thin strong problems.

Despite being a bit rubbish on Sunday, it was a pretty good weekend and has given me some motivation to get back on the rock.  Now life just needs to give me a few openings to do so.

A few pics from the weekend are below.

 Ant take a rest on Quietus before the assault

Up he goes

 In the thick of it

Claire on the more than tricky Severe

First attempt on Soyuz, oops!
(Photo: Claire D)

Second attempt started stylish, ended the same way.
(Photo: Claire D)

Brian showing me how it's done on Soyuz
(Photo: Claire D)

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