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Friday, 14 March 2014

Battle on The Beach

Yay, its the Friday before the first every (to my best knowledge) bike beach race in the Uk.  Is everyone excited, it would appear so.

This was the race I hoped to race my new fatbike in, but alas, it is struggling to leave home. But lets leave that for now, it will be here soon enough.

So with the fatbike category being the one I am keen to race, enter Phil M (can ride any thing with two wheels anywhere with uber style) and Shaggy (aka John Ross, bike builder and all round nice guy) and I have a lone fatbike from Shaggy, Thanks a bunch!

So it is game on! The Open cat will be a pretty damn cool affair with pros from Belgium and The Netherlands making the trip. But looking at the Fatbike cat, the pointy end of this will a tough fight.

It looks like Matt Page and A Cycling have found a great venue and made a great course, so lets hope for sun, good racing and beer and skittles.

Oh, it may well be the UK Fatbike Champs as well. ;)

Will post report sometime next week!

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