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Monday, 28 October 2013

Italy - Arco (Photo Report) Part 2

After getting snowed out of the Dolomites we headed to a Sport and multi-pitch climbers paradise and around nice spot. Arco, situated at the top of Lake Garda, this little village has its own Mediterranean climate and it was set to sunny and warm when we were there.

We arrived late after dark after driving from Cortina and got booked into a campsite.  We had simple plan now, climb what took our fancy.  The goals int he Dolomites had technically be completed, just not to the level we wanted, but we were happy.  Now in Arco a climber play ground, that is what we did, play.

Below are some pics from Arco and the great walls and Crags around the village.

We climbed the following routes:
  • Cinque Stagioni - a nice 3 star route, with a cheeky A0 pitch, be warned freeing it will take some doing, we tried. :)
  • Aspettando Martino - a fantastic 4 star route and worth every star. 
  • and played on some smaller crags, getting pretty much shutdown on the first two days
We have now come up with a short wish list for Arco too.  We also managed to eat lots, sit in the sun quite a bit and drink some great coffee.

 Castle of Arco

 This guy was taking the piss as we were getting shut down

 He was just an ass  :)

Castle, Arco below and Lake Garda in the distance.

 There's a Dan in there.

 South (near) and East Face of Monte Colodri

 One of the best pitches I have every lead.


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