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Wednesday, 11 September 2013


On the 13th September Dan and I are off to the Dolomites for some alpine rock.  The first goal is of course to stay safe, then we are looking to complete a few classics and see what new lines are available.  The area of the Dolomites is the Marmarole.  The region has an old history with Italian alpine climbing, however it is not frequented often, has a limited number established routes and is still a little bit of a wilderness.  Which are all reasons why we chose to visit it, it is also quite beautiful.

Torre dei Sabbioni
(Photo Rights: Summit Post)

The plan is simply to go to the region and live in the mountains for a week and see how we get on.  We have a view of some new line options and some fun and challenging classics to choose from.  We have gathered a mass information from our friend Franca who visits the region often.  So now we are just keen to get on the plane on Friday 13th, lucky we are not superstitious. ;)

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