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Friday, 24 May 2013

Eelmoor Round 5

First road race of the year and I didn't expect much and therefore wasn't disappointed, lets face it, I don't train for these races, in fact they are training.  After a swift ride over with Mr Kirke, rego and we were off.

I sat at the for of the pack for a while, but knew my leg speed would soon fade and as it did I sat in the pack for a while, but was soon dropping off the back.  Once off the back rather than sit up and wait for them to lap me, I work hard to put some pain through the legs and staff out for a as long as I can after about 5 laps or so doing this, I was caught (lapped) and settled back into the bunch.

I just sat in there until everyone started jostling for positions, as I had been lapped I dropped off the back to let them get on with, even a few other who had been lapped once or even twice decide to mix it up, I just don't see the point.

The race was pretty rapid and it was great to see Cycleworks and VC Meudon battling it out and working each other over and the rest of the field during the race.  However, this time they all seem to miss once chap who had been hiding and following at about 7/8 wheel all race (a pretty smart ride to take the win), some last corner handling errors forced some or our boys to take evasive action, and drop some places, but Tom Hughes managed to charge home for 2nd.

Was great to see the guys working well together and Jack and Nick put in a huge amount of work.  In a couple of races when my leg speed returns I should be able to help out again.

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