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Thursday, 25 April 2013

2013 Training

Well simply put, I made a 2013 training plan, some Strava Challenges help fulfill these plans and I am rapidly approaching the last few 100k's of the April block, in time to taper and be ready for the Gorrick 100 on the 5th May and the 24Hrs of Exposure on the 11th/12th May.

Watching the improvements over the weeks, some of which seem to come with no effort and some when you think you are having the worst session every, have maintained my momentum.

I do have to say, that the incorporation of the Strava challenges to the training goals, for me has worked well.  I am mildly competitive (until you put me on a start line) so Strava doesn't get me wound up, but rather helps keep me motivated.  Entering a training challenge devised by someone else seems to work for my psyche and gets me on the road, trail and even the turbo more often.

But the key thing I put in every training plan is one rest day or recovery day a week, this may include a ride still, but it will probably be very short slow and involved a lot of messing around.  This certainly is one way to maintain the love, losing this would make it hard to train.

I also always have the caveat "if the body says no, the body says no" this has been played only a few times this year, which means I must have something right at present.

As I now head into the race season, the training cycles shift and become a little more flexible and a planned week in the Italian alps riding and another climbing will also break up the season, yet still provide valuable time at altitude and exercising in a more relaxed manner.

The only real questions that remain are, which gearings to use for which races on the singles?  Everything else is currently on track, even with some major development around home in the form of a massive garage and workshop.

As usual, a massive thanks goes to my Nik and indeed my cycling partners and my sponsors for keeping me active and equipment in working order and supplying it.

The race season start is counting down. Tick, Tock, Strain, Puff

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