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Monday, 17 December 2012

Gorrick Brass Monkeys Rnd 1 and 2

So in the last month and a bit I have competed in Rnd 1 and 2 of the Gorrick Brass Monkeys, with mixed and slightly unexpected results, all this in my new category of Vet, albeit a little early moving up thanks to Gorrick's birth dates requirements. :)

Rnd 1 came around it was cold, stayed dry, mostly and the course held up well. After struggling to find my rhythm with a geared bike I managed to ride myself into 8th in Vets and 21st overall.  Not too bad considering in the last 2 laps I really struggled to get past 2hr race back markers who mainly refused to get out the way of faster riders.  This was clearly addressed at the start of Rnd 2 by the Gorrick Officials.

So happy with Rnd 1 and a bit surprised as other things have taken priority since I effectively wrapped up my season and planned to use the Brass Monkeys to keep some race fitness up.

Onto Rnd 2, a stomach bug in the week and I had no aspiration of a great result.  It was sunny, fairly dry, the undulating and heavy course suited me well and I headed off at a steady pace and looking at the result timings I was doing OK.

Out on my 4th lap and overtaking a couple of 2hr riders, I heard a massive crack from my saddle. Balls! A quick check and it was toast, snapped clean through and directly over the seat post. No the rails the saddle. I tried to push on, but racing on a broken saddle for another 1.5hrs was going to be too tough and is a major pain in the arse (sorry)  :)

If it was half a lap or even a lap left I would have pressed on as that is close enough, but the prospect of another 2-3 laps without being able to sit down, didn't appeal.  I have finished races with 1 lap to go before with a broken seat post bolt and your legs don't like you a whole lot for quite a while.

So as I had done much better than I expected due to illness I was content to pull the pin and encourage the rest of Team Cyclesworks and my friends home.

They all did very well and it was actually nice to be there waiting for them at the end.

Good news for me is that even with a stomach bug in the week, I seem to recover well enough to at least put in a good show for a few laps, so the training is on the right path.

Happy Riding and Merry Christmas all and fingers crossed for some winter climbing.

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