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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Herne Hill Velodrome Cross Race

Well today, I headed to Herne Hill Velodrome to meet Phil M and Gareth and get set to have my legs ripped off for 50+ minutes as the fast boys tried to destroy each other.

On a great course and with some excellent riders fighting it out for top honors I settled in and did my best to keep the legs spinning hard and fast and using handling skills to outwit and past the riders around me, as flat out speed for this amount of time is not exactly my bag.

As the race progressed, I surprised myself with the fact that I wasn't going backwards, in fact, I was overtaking people.  Sure the fast boys were whizzing past still.

Towards the the end of the race (2 Laps to go) I seemed to find my legs proper and started to gain a few places, which surprised me a little.  I dug a little deeper and pushed on and past another one or two, over the hurdle I managed to drop the guy that had held my wheel for the best part of the last lap and crossed the line.

Once again I had a ball and can highly recommend a cross race for those even if you only have a mountain bike.  I plan to do a few this year and have entered the Knog Muddy Hell: and others have recommend this as a great night out even if you aren't racing.

Maybe see you there?


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