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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

29inch tubeless Pythons..........thanks Hutchie

The gang at Hutchinson have done it again. I used to ride Hutchie Python Golds and nothing else until the trail turned to stick mud.

I made a return to the python the other weekend in it's 29inch incarnation. Simply put if you ride a 29er and love the smaller version get these tyres.

The trails ridden on these are the normal mixed bag of soft sand, churned trail, rock Flint and chalk, tree routes, fast fire road, sweet sweet single track and technical and grinding climbs.  The pythons chewed through them all and even on the odd wet tree route they found enough grip in the slide to keep me upright.

They are fast as is expected from pythons and you can lean them over on all surfaces.  Just make sure you run them a little soft but not too much as the will kick out on everything if too hard. That makes for and exciting first technical descent.

Only negative I could find and it is little due to being new, they were a battle to get on the rim initially.  Forget tyres leaves for this job, rolling them on was the only option. The second attempt after ensuring they seat properly was a bit easier.

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