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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Gorrick 100

1st of May this year saw the return of the Gorrick 100 a race I finished second in last year on the single in woeful conditions.  This year the sun shone brightly and the weather was perfect for racing.  A fast dry course with new sections would prove too quick for a single speed overall.

When a race goes as you plan there isn't much to write about really, especially if the conditions are perfect for racing.  My laps ticked off nicely and I rode through the field and into the top 20 in the 6th lap.  Finishing this lap I noticed we had already done 100km, an interesting point and b the end we had done 117km's.

Only the wall and a small sharp soft hill had me off running/walking for a short stint, on the other climbs and single track is where I continued to makeup ground on the bulk of the field. The last lap continued as the race had started, just a little more effort being laid down.

By the end of the race I had managed to climb my way into 13th overall and first single speed home in the 7 lap category.

I was really happy with this result despite being well down on last years, there was a much better field this year and the racing was faster and less people dropping out in the better conditions.

It would prove to be an excellent warm up for the 24hr's of Exposure the following week.

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