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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Relaxed Lakes

Not much climbing has been done since getting back from the Alps other than pulling on the plastic in at my local wall Craggy Island.  With this in mind Nik and headed for The Lakes for a few days.

To get Nik back into gear and I just wanted to be climbing in the mountains again so was happy to just climb and walk fun stuff, not push the limit and spend sometime climbing and walking with Nik.

Great Langdale was the destination and three thing were planned over a drink and dinner, climb Middlefell Buttress a lovely D(difficult) route continue up Curtain Wall an MS (Mildly Severe), the next day walk the Oxendale horseshoe and then pull on the Langdale Boulders.

The climbing was easy and chilled just what Nik wanted and the route was finished in good time, lots of fun and the sunshine was great.  I am pretty sure Nik was stoke to be climbing on rock again after such a long lay-off.

Oxendale horseshoe wasn't as successful as hoped, a relaxed start to the day and Nik feeling the day before a bit saw us having to alter our route.  Which took us down a lovely little valley and back to Blea Tarn for some photography and eventually back to camp.  Overall though a chilled approached was the goal for this trip and that was achieved.

The next day we awoke to rain, we lingered for a while to see how much it might dry up, but as much as we wished for the sun to come out it never did.  We left the campsite and checked the Langdale boulders out anyway, but they were still a bit too wet, next time.  In Ambleside we had a bite to eat and then made leisurely drive back home.

It was great to be back in the mountains in The Lakes, they might not be the Alps, but they are a great place to be.  It was also nice to cruise a classic climb and just trundle around the hills.  A timely break for us both and served to further ignite my fire for the coming winter, also my mountain crag tick list has just grown longer.

Some pics to follow.

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