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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Gorrick 12:12 (The last endurance race of the year)

Well until the Brass Monkey series, but they aren't that long.

Gorrick 12:12 does was it says on the tin, starts at 12 and finishes at 12.  I am yet again Solo, but this time single speed, the SIR 9 as it should be and the reliable Wanga is ready as normal.

The lack of gears might have something to do with my experience last year in this race, the unexpected removal of my rear mech or the fact that up until the point I crashed and broke my lovely road on Saturday I was feeling strong.  A quick ride on the SIR on Sunday confirmed nothing broken, but Monday and Tuesday have been lost to work and the bruising coming put on the grazed and battered hip from the crash.

Not ideal prep, but I can't complain as I have friends who have had similar accidents and not got off so lightly (fortunately they are all back riding now). So there is sometime left for a couple of light rides and play with the gearing on the SIR 9 and then game on.

Several friends have entered this year and some support will be on offer as well and my seasoned pit crew Nik, will have some company this time round.  Predictions are me to suffer in to the top 20 Solo men, with top 10 as my actual goal, Clive and Nick K, to do very well in the Male Pairs a podium place, Tommy to do better than most will do as a Solo first attempt and Phil and Dom, to ignore the "we are not competing" statements they have both made and do very well for their first 12hr MTB  race as well in the Male Pairs.

If things go according to plan, when my folk arrive from Australia on the following evening of the race I shall be broken and rubbish company (asleep).

Yours in riding,

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