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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

La Grave, Part 3. About time really.

With loads of powder being dumped over night and Nik's looking swollen and red, there was only one thing to do really......................................SKI!

So we did. We had decided this the night before and Nik had already got her skis sorted. So Adrian did the same in the morning, we got lift passes and hit the slopes.

The powder that had been dumped was amazing, the pictures below is on piste in Alpe D'Huez.

(Photo: Nik)

The white stuff was so light, deep and fluffy, I couldn't get enough of it.  Nik and the rest of the crew where loving it also.  As I got my ski legs it was time to head off piste, the snowing being so deep would prove to be a good thing.

Even thought the day was gloomy, the loads of powder more than made up for.  Nik got more comfortable with the powder and was soon heading of piste as well.  Doug and I continued to tear the powder up and managed to carve some fresh lines, some with the occasional bomb hole in the middle of them.

Doesn't look that steep here, but at the top, it drops away, like the side of a barrel.
(Photo: Nik)

As the day drew to an end the calls of one more run were made again and again, as jumps had been included in some of the runs this was certain to end in tears.  But it didn't, it ended like this.

(Photos: Nik and Steve)

Oh and some idiot decided to make a drop off out of the button tow way.

We headed to the bar for some Apres Ski and chatted excitedly about the days events.

The next day we headed out for more powder fun and spent some more time in Alpe D'Huez and even stopped for lunch.  Nik and Adrian and myself to a lesser extent had given Jamie a great deal of pointers as he had headed out to ski for the first time, after hearing about our previous days exploits.

Jamie, progressed a hell of a lot in that day and I am sure next season he will carve well.

Doug and I pushed hard in the afternoon to squeeze as many new tracks in the powder and we found a interesting kicker, which sent us both head first into the powder on our first jumps.  The next run, I managed some good air a held my form to land it and ski out of it.  Doug got some good air and almost held on for the win.  Mean while Nik continued to find fresh untouched powder and carve her way through it.

The end of the day soon drew in and it was time for more Apres Ski at the same great little bar and Nik even managed to make new friends.

It was then home for food and the Peglars Ice Fest quiz and my team missing the win by 1 point.

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