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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Van Conversion 1

This is a blog for those interested and crew off the vwT4forum.

Several months back now, the SAAB died and was replaced swiftly by a Red T4 Transporter, now called Big Red.

For the petrol/piston heads remembering it is only a van (that will be the last time you hear me say that), the van stats, well what I have.

T4 1998 SWB Panel van
1.9 TD
163000 miles on the clock
In very good condition
Ex Coke van from years ago and was purchased from a local dealer at a good price and with good after sale service.

The van instead of another car was a simple choice, we bike, climb and camp.  A van would make life so much easier.

The van as bought shown below.

Very clean inside and out.  Coke-Cola spec, with rear grill that is likely to go back on once sprayed black.

Nik thinks about what colour to paint the flowers on it.  I quickly explained it is not a Split or Bay. I think we are still safe for now.

So a blank canvass inside and out really and we could crack on with the things that needed to be done, remember, most of the build has been done, I have just been lazy.  The list is as follows:
  • insulate, ply line and carpet;
  • install rear seat and build storage box/bed base;
  • insulate and headline the ceiling;
  • get van rated 17' alloys;
  • replace front seats with SAAB leather seats and re-upholster;
  • fit fog lights;
  • upgrade alarm and immobiliser;
  • fit limo tinted sided windows;
  • upgrade and install new speakers;
  • replace head unit and install small amp;
  • possibly lower 40mm;
  • Respray in same red (I like it);
  • maybe colour code bumpers;
  • and update cab.
So lets get started......

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