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Monday, 13 October 2008

Alpkit Jeanius

I recently purchased a pair of Alpkits latest product. The Jeanius, a pair of water proof, stretchy, cool looking climbing/outdoors jeans, which also carry a very high mark for being super casual and great for knocking around in.

Verdict so far, yes they are water proof, "aren't they Lisa?" Lisa a work colleague at Craggy Island, decided to test this by pouring water on them. Result, dry legs, wet toes. I repeated a similar process the following night whilst climbing, well not whilst actually climbing.

Climbing, they are ace. I have had a couple of pairs of stretchy climbing jeans before, but these are more flexible with a better cut and are really comfy in a harness for several hours.

Not only does the water run of them faster than squirrel with a horse chessnut, but chalk just brushes of them easily. They breathe brilliantly and I didn't feel hot in them in a normally warm centre.

Street cred, they score highly here as well, with almost all staff on arrival at the wall going "oo, I like your jeans" and friends doing the like, they have lots. The nice loose cut for climbing in, with a few patterns stitched in for looks, makes this look complete. Alpkit score on all levels. I have worn these in the office and knocking around over the weekend with them and a shirt or t-shirt.

Alpkit well done again.

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