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Monday, 24 February 2014

More Cairngorms

So Sunday after some hideous weather avoiding faff, Dan and I took a long walk into Corie T'Sneachda to get a feel for how things might shape up for Monday.

After some post holing and wet soft snow walking we arrived at the Corie floor.  We looked at some roots, took note of conditions, considered and easy route. But in the end thought better of it.

On Monday with less wind, dry and cold conditions Dan and I made our way back into a busy Corie T'Sneacdha and towards the base on The Seam. With many other teams on the buttress it would prove to be a very social affair. Dan and I climbed Short Circuit after a change of mind of route choice half way up. Short Circuit proved to be a great choice of route.

Once at the top we headed for the summit plateau then decided to take a long ridge walk all the way back to the car, taking in the occasional view and enjoying the mountains.

Last day for me tomorrow, but it has been worth the rushed and late decision.

Last day to come tomorrow, playing in the mountains.

Sunday, 23 February 2014


A short notice and short trip to the Cairngorms this weekend for 4 days, started after an overnight train ride, yesterday.

With minimum faff I was on the mountain and skinning my way to the Cairgorm summit, with only one silly, but timely mishap. Picked up and slammed back down by the wind, I should have had my axe out, but dug a ski edge in calmly and stopped the slide an axe would have been much quicker.  Sensible toute choice meant there was no danger anyway.

After fighting the high winds for a bit longer, I arrived at the summit as the sun came out. Perfect timing, after some pics abd enjoying the view it was down time.

After negotiating the rock hard wind formed moguls on the summit plateau, the skiing became more free flowing and the wind died down. So i enjoyed the descent and sunshine.

Today (Sunday), it is wet, warm and damn windy. Most likely a cafe day with a walk in and recce later as things settle.

At is Scottish winter after all. :)